Terms and conditions



These General Terms and Conditions of Agreement apply to any and all sales and deliveries of products through the webshop operated by the private company with limited liability, Elek és E. Kft., on the webpage www.rododendronart.com. These General Terms and Conditions of Agreement are available at any time on the webpage www.rododendronart.com. The contracting parties are Elek és E. Kft., as seller (hereinafter called ‘Seller’) on the one hand, and the person placing an order, as buyer (hereinafter called ‘Buyer’) on the other hand. Buyer can be any person who acknowledges the present General Terms and Conditions of Agreement and agrees to be obliged by them. The language of the Agreement between the parties is Hungarian.

Company name Elek és E. Kft
Registered address (Registered in Hungary) 1092 Budapest, Ráday u. 49
Registered company number (Registered in Hungary) 0109893616, Fővárosi Bíróság, mint Cégbíróság
Tax number 14204692-2-43
Webpage www.rododendronart.com
Telephone 00 36 70 419 5329
E-mail webshop [at] rododendronart [dot] com
Customer Service 1052 Budapest Semmelweis u. 19


Buyer can place an order on the webpage www.rododendronart.com. When completing the order form, Buyer provides the details necessary for the execution of the order, for the delivery of the product and for billing. Only those users are entitled to place an order who register and log in at www.rododendronart.com. Seller executes the order in accordance with the details provided. Buyer is obliged to provide correct information. Buyer is liable for any damages arising from providing inaccurate or false data. Seller is entitled to check the data provided by Buyer. In case of details that are evidently false, Seller is entitled to cancel the order. Upon a demand sent by Buyer to the Customer Service of Elek és E. Kft., Seller adjusts inaccurate data provided by Buyer. Buyer is liable for any possible costs arising from the adjustment of data. The description, characteristics and price of the products are published by Seller on the product detail pages. The prices are in Hungarian Forints and include VAT. Seller is entitled to adjust any misprints in prices. In case a product or its price contains a misprint, or has been published upon inaccurate information, Seller is entitled to cancel the order. Seller informs Buyer about the cancellation of the order via e-mail. Items that Buyer wants to order shall be added to the ‘Shopping cart’. By clicking the ‘Continue’ button, Buyer can proceed to choosing the delivery method. The available delivery methods and their charges are provided at this point. Having choosen the delivery method, Buyer shall read and agree to the present General Terms and Conditions of Agreement, and then shall submit the order. Hence the system forwards the order to Seller. By submitting the order, Buyer acknowledges the present General Terms and Conditions of Agreement and agrees to be obliged by them. Seller files the order, and hence it becomes qualified as a written agreement between the parties. The receipt of the purchase order is confirmed in an automatic e-mail message sent by Seller. The confirmation contains information on the number and price of the ordered items, the delivery and billing addresses, the contact data of the customer and any notes on the purchase order. When handling the purchase order, Seller shall contact Buyer via e-mail or phone in order to agree on the conditions of executing the order.


Under Delivery Conditons Buyer can choose between two delivery methods.

In case of receipt in person, Seller sends an e-mail about the registration of the purchase order, and in a further e-mail provides information on the earliest date Buyer can collect the package. Products contained in registered purchase orders are stored at the Customer service for three working days, after when Seller terminates the Agreement. Buyer can collect the ordered item in person from the Rododendron shop in Budapest (Semmelweis utca 19., 1052 Budapest, Opening hours: on weekdays: 10-19, on Saturday: 10-16).

In case Buyer chooses delivery by courier, the following process is applied: Seller delivers the ordered item to Buyer via DPD courier company. Purchase orders submitted on weekdays by 14 o’clock are on the same day registered and handed over to the courier company, which delivers them within 2 (two) working days. Purchase orders submitted after 14 o’clock are registered on the next day. Buyer is informed about the registration of the purchase order via e-mail. The delivery charge is 1700 HUF within Hungary, and 2100 HUF in case of payment against delivery. The courier company delivers the packages between 8 and 17 o’clock on weekdays. In case delivery fails at the first time, it is attempted for a second time. If delivery fails for the second time, the courier company contacts Buyer in order to agree on the address and time of delivery. The courier company stores the package for a maximum of five days, and in case the third attempt at delivery fails, returns the package to the Customer Office. Upon delivery, Buyer is obliged to examine the product, to check the contents of the shipment item by item, and to acknowledge the complete execution by signing a notice of receipt. Hereafter Seller cannot accept any complaint on the part of Buyer about faulty execution. In case the contents of the package are damaged upon delivery, Buyer is obliged to make the courier fill a record and to return the shipment. Buyer is liable for failing to act so. Buyer makes a commitment to take delivery of the shipment or arranges the receipt by an authorized person. For further information please contact our Customer Service by telephone, +36 70 419-5329, or via e-mail, webshop [at] rododendronart [dot] com.


In case of delivery by courier, Buyer can pay against delivery for the courier, or by credit card via the Internet. In case of payment against delivery, Buyer is obliged to pay the value of the ordered items in cash for the courier against an invoice. The courier does not deliver the product unless the whole of the purchase price is paid. Buyer is liable to settle all additional charges that may arise from failing to settle the whole of the price. In case of receipt by person, Buyer can settle the invoice by a credit card in advance, or upon collecting the items from the Customer Service. For payments by credit card, we use the secure payment module of OTP Bank, and accept the following credit cards:


Buyer can terminate the Agreement without explanation within 8 (eight) working days from the receipt of the product. Buyer cannot exercise the right for terminating the Agreement in the cases specified by the 17/1999.(II.9.) Government Act about agreements between distant parties. Buyer is obliged to announce the termination in writing (in a letter or e-mail sent to the Customer Service). In case Buyer has already payed the purchase price, Seller pays back the amount to the bank account provided by Buyer, within 30 (thirty) days from the announcement of the termination and the return of the product. Buyer is obliged to return the product to the address of the Customer Service (Semmelweis utca 19., 1052 Budapest), in the original packing, undamaged. In case Buyer cannot return the pruduct in complete packing, undamaged, Seller cannot take back the product, is not obliged to pay back the purchase price, and redelivers the product for Buyer on Buyer’s charge.


Upon placing an order, Seller demands exclusively such details that are indispensable and sufficient for executing the order, for its delivery and for billing. Seller uses the information provided by the Buyer exclusively for executing the order. Only Seller’s staff members can access personal Buyer information. Seller shares Buyer information only with subcontractors employed for executing the order (e.g. courier company), and does not hand it over for any other parties. When submitting the order, Buyer has the possibility to order Seller’s online newsletter. The ordering of the newsletter is no condition for the purchase. In case Buyer orders the newsletter, personal information provided for this purpose is managed separately by Seller, exclusively for the purpose of delivering the newsletter. Seller does not hand these details over to a third party. Buyer is at any time entitled to adjust or withdraw the consent to personal information management in a letter sent for the Customer Service. Seller handles and stores personal Buyer information in compliance with the prevailing statutes for information privacy in force. The management of data complies in every respect with the provisions of Law LXVI. 1992 and Law CVIII. 2001 about certain aspects of online commerce and services related to information society. Our data management identification number is: 02789-0001.


Seller is not liable for any damages arising from technical defects in the Internet network, from possible defects in communication devices, from software breakdowns or from possible technical breakdowns. Buyer acknowledges to be reliable for surveying possible risks connected to browsing and purchasing, and for providing for the secure use of Buyer’s computer and for the protection of the data it stores. Seller is not liable for damages due to force majeure or due to events that are outside of Seller’s control, including, but not exclusively, problems arising from *the use of the webpage or the breakdown of the webpage, *the modification of data by any person, *delays in transferring data, *viruses, *defects in the network connection or in the system. Seller is entitled to amend the conditions and rules of purchase, as well as the present General Terms and Conditions of Agreement unilaterally, at any time, without giving explanation or notice of it. Any amendments come into force and apply from the time they are published on www.greenzone.hu.


Buyers can apply with possible complaints to Seller’s Customer Service via e-mail, webshop [at] rododendronart [dot] com, or by telephone, +36 70 419-5329. All questions not regulated by this Agreement shall be governed by Law IV. 1959 on the civil code, by the Government Act 17/1999.(II.5.) on agreements between distant parties, and Law CVIII. 2001 on certain aspects of online commerce and services related to information society. The Agreement comes into force 1.12.2010.